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​​Created by the Sage Conanus in the City of Shadestar.


Conanus at the Council of Publication, " timeline isn't finished. You can't print it!"

Dates are presented in the Common tongue. Timelines for Dwarven and Elven differ in dates and sometimes events.  

571 (Est.)   The Nine Tribes are established.
570 (Est.)   The nine gifts from the gods are presented.
555-548    The Dragon wars.
547           Dark Elves are banished from Xenkur.
154-100    The Time of Light.
99 -9         Reign of the Broken Throne.
4               Last of the Shadow Mages disappears.
2               Ruby Dwarves close the Red Mountain to outsiders.
1 B.C.       BC stands for Before the Cataclysm.
-0- No Time
       Referred to by Commonfolk as the “No Time.” It was the year the great Devastation rained from the sky. Destroying much of the known world. Ibrenevall, the capital city at the time disappeared sinking into the sand never to be seen again.
1 A.D.      AD stands for After the Devastation.
2             Knights of the Rose are formed.
4-7          The Orc – Knights war -  The Blood Clan Orcs and their monster brethren are forced out into the Wasteland.
8             The Hand of Enlightenment is formed.
11           Trade routes across the Moonlight Mountains are created. Opening up the Western Realms to settlement.
14           The city of Winterrock is built. A permanent home to the Knights of the Rose.
27           The first building erected in Tinker Town.
49           The Crimson Robes are formed.
50           The Tower is built.
103         First Expedition to find the Lost City. Expedition never returns.
500         Estimated the Black Legion is formed.
601         City of Silver is closed to outsiders.
799         The Council of Nine is formed.
862         The Iron League is formed.
1078       Now!

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