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There are a great number of poisons in Xenkur and more are being developed every day. Here are a few of the more interesting ones. Listed in order of lethality.

List compiled by Lady Li'Neeroia Xula Khalassi,  of House Tarolil, Second House of Necliatara.

  • Soul Dust - A gray powder. Often used mixed into food or drink. It causes paralysis of the vocal cords. Though not usually fatal there have been instances of victims choking to death. It has a 5% mortality rate.

  • Necro – A bright orange powder made from the Nightshade tree. A 50% mortality rate. The process is extremely painful, and the victim can often take two to three weeks before dying.

  • Kesith – A liquid extracted from Kuo-Toa glands. This rare poison has a 60% mortality rate. Death usually occurs with 2-3 days.

  • Ninine – A paste made from a combination of the Death Lily flower and Phase Spider venom. Often used to coat weapons. It has a 65% mortality rate. Death occurs in 5-10 minutes.

  • Cletasine – Corrosive. This blue-black liquid comes from Purple Worm glands. Must be sealed in glass jars only. It has a 75% mortality rate. Death occurs within one day.

  • Grave Smoke – Powder. Made from the bones of undead mummies. Often used in food and drink. It has a 75% mortality rate. Death occurs in 1-3 days. The victim will often rise again as a zombie.

  • Waxyth – Made from the secretion of an Aboleth. Highly Toxic. The poison must be absorbed through the lungs. 85% mortality rate. Death occurs within minutes.

  • Hikophax  – Highly Toxic. Venom developed by the Blood Clan. Extremely rare. Used in religious rituals. It has a 90% mortality rate. The victim usually dies in a few minutes.

  • Nimoxain – Highly Toxic. The venom of unknown origin. Extremely rare. Places victim in a catatonic state. Has a 95% mortality rate. The victim usually dies in 5-10 years.

  • Iqiraine – Extremely toxic. The Dark Elves often use the poison to coat their weapons. To date, no one knows how the Drow come about the poison.  Death occurs within 10-20 seconds. It has a 99% mortality rate.

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