Wet Your Beak

Sorted by weakest to strongest alcoholic content.
Willow Tea                 2%
An herbal tea made from a specific Willow tree found only in the Silver Realm. However, some say the tree can also be found in the Great Forest. It is often used as a medical treatment for coughs.

Red Wine                    4%
The wine, made by the Silver Elves. Made from a combination of raspberries and blackberries. Has a sweet, dessert quality. It is not exported and is only available in the Silver Realm.

Black Wine                 8%
The wine, made by the Gold Elves of Eastern Grayhold, is at first soothing with hints of blackberry, and toasted kol nuts. After it has traveled the throat, it will assault your taste with a burnt hickory flavor.

Lavender Wine        11%
A wine, made by several cities in the Eastern Realms. Although the spirit does vary by which city is producing it. The basic formula is made from a combination of the Lavender grape and the Hickory grape. It is a mild light-colored wine with a purplish golden color. It smells like a lavender tree and taste much like raspberries and almonds.

Apple Brandy          14%
A spirit made by fermenting apples and honey. Probably the most common drink in Xenkur. Apple Brandy can be combined with many foods making it ideal for cooking as well. It tastes like apples with just a little bite at the end, indicating it does have alcohol.

Corn Mead               18%
Mead made from corn mash. It is often cut with Apple Brandy to make the drink more palatable to the masses. One of the cheapest liquors you can buy, selling for as little as a single copper crown. 

Potato Wine            18%       
A wine made from the Groar potato. Produced mainly in the regions around Tinker Town and drank almost exclusively by Gnomes. It is a clear spirit with no color. The taste is a combination of potato and dirt. It burns going down the throat and may the gods help you if it comes back up.

Light Ale                  22%
Ale made from a variety of ingredients depending on what region it is purchased. Often with hints of honey, hops, and bran flavors. Often drank with a sprinkle of cinnamon in every mug.

Heavy Ale                28%
A more potent version of Light Ale. Again, made from a variety of ingredients depending on what region it is purchased. Often with hints of honey, hops, and bran flavors. Often drank with a stick of cinnamon in the mug.

Death Ale                40%
A yet even more potent version of Light Ale. Made mainly from honey. Got its name Death Ale when various groups began stirring the concoction with sticks from the Deathshade plant.

Blonde Ale            70%
Made from honey that has fermented underground for at least one year. Often has powdered anise added to the fermentation process. A common drink under the Red Mountain. Sold above ground as well, though not as popular.

Dark Ale                80%
Made from honey that has fermented underground for at least ten years. Often has powdered cave cricket added to the fermentation process. Stored in barrels that are never washed. Giving each batch a taste of yesteryear.

Holy Mead            90%
So named because many who drink it often claim to see and converse with the Dwarven gods. Made from honey that has fermented underground for at least twenty years. Each cask is blessed by the priests of the Red Mountain. Expensive in the Underdark. Nearly un-affordable above ground. A single mug purchased above ground can cost as much as fifty gold crowns. That's six months of common wages.

Dwarf Grog          99%
A mead made from the Toka mushroom of the Underdark. The liquor is extremely potent. Anyone other than Dwarves who take only a few sips will find themselves drunk in minutes. Any race other than the Dwarvish that wish to consume a full mug may find themselves in the afterlife.
Grog               50%
A nasty swill made by the Orcs of the Scar. Literally undrinkable to anyone other than Orcs and their brethren. Although some Dwarves will drink it. The taste is said to be a cross between a rotten snake egg and an over-ripe onion. 

 Sweet Berry Wine   15%        
A highly coveted and expensive wine created by the Halflings of Overundertown. The ingredients and process for the wine are a highly kept secret. A single glass of the wine can cost as much as three gold crowns (about a week’s wages).

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