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Originally penned by the Sage Orinius in the original language of Amnaric.
Later translated into the common tongue by Conanus in the City of Shadestar.

Xenkur is one of five continents on the plant Ourh. The other Continents are Znal, Volin, Tonia, and Xakat.
      Humans arrived on Xenkur sometime around 571 B.C. Since early records were lost during the Cataclysm no one is sure of the exact date. The first city established was called Ibrenevall which in the original dialect of Amnaric means “the beginning.” The city was destroyed in the “No time” and has been lost for over a century. It is now commonly referred to as “The Lost City”
      There were originally nine tribes on Xenkur. Human (Wolf Clan), Azure Elves (now extinct), Gold Elves, Jade Dwarves (also extinct), Ruby Dwarves, Sapphire Gnomes (again extinct. Though some believe they are the ancestors of Tinker Gnomes), Highland Gnomes (also called Rock Gnomes), Halflings,  and Orcs. The Gods gave each tribe a special gift of magic. So that no one tribe would be more powerful than the others.
The Gifts were:
Human (Wolf Clan) – the Shadow Staff
Azure Elves - Crown
Gold Elves - Sword
Jade Dwarves - Armor
Ruby Dwarves - Shield
Sapphire Gnomes (Tinker?) - Amulet
Highland Gnomes (Rock Gnomes) - Robe
Halflings - Book
Orcs - Belt
Xenkur is now populated by a number of vastly different races. The Gold and Silver Elves, Tinker and Highland Gnomes, Humans, Halflings, Ruby, and Sapphire Dwarves. There are also races referred to as the “Beast Races.” Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Gnolls, and Kobolds. 

...more translation to come...

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