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There are several organizations, good and bad, in the lands of Xenkur.
Listed in order of influence

List compiled by Tho Qa, Scribe of Fallfell.


  • Knights of the Rose
    Founded in the year 2 A.D. (After the Devastation) the organization was the brainchild of Sir Giradin, the Lonely. The first paladin to walk the lands of Xenkur.  His powers to do good were given to him by Duros, the god of honor, along with a powerful magical sword known as Thundersoul. The purpose of the Knights is to “help those who cannot help themselves.” The Knights of the Rose eventually founded the city of Winterrock. Which, to this day, remains their largest base of operations. Unfortunately, like most large entities, corruption has bled into the Knights of the Rose and now many people see them as a threat rather than salvation.  

  • Crimson Robes
    Founded in the year 49 A.D. (After the Devastation) the organization was, at first, a loose collection of the mages that survived the Devastation of Ibrenevall. Later as their power grew the general population grew fearful of the mages. Several of the most powerful wizards, led by an Elven mage named Dorgalor moved north across the Blackwater River, near the Violet Mountains. They built a tower from magic and have resided in it ever since. You will find Crimson Robe mages wandering Xenkur. They can always be spotted by the red bindings they wear on their wrists.

  • The Holy Order of ?
    There are a great number of priestly orders in Xenkur. One for every god of every race. It would appear at this moment in time that no one sect has dominance over the others.

  • Blood Clan
    The largest of the Orcan clans and the clan that presently leads The Orcan Nations. Currently, lead by King Dregu. The clan lives in a portion of the Wastelands known as The Scar.  They were forced to live in there after losing the Orc Knight War.

  • Black Legion  (Greater influence than can be measured)
    Little is known of this group. Though it has been verified they do exist. Members of this evil and chaotic organization can be identified by the black obsidian ring they wear. It is believed, though unproven, that the Legion is responsible for the death of King Koulmat, the siege on Castle Akevri and opening the Portal of Chaos to bring forth Za’khtykesaso the Beholder.

  • Iron League (Greater influence than can be measured)
    Proof of the League's existence has yet to surface. Rumors abound that the League if such exists, focuses on stemming the tide of evil that has run amok in the Eastern Realms of Xenkur.

  • Songweavers
    A loose (very loose) collection of minstrels and entertainers. They are referred to as Songweavers, though not officially an organization. They do carry a great deal of weight in Xenkur. The Songweavers are often responsible for the travel of information and therefore have a great advantage, should they choose so, to influence current events.

  • Reapers
    Believed to be a group of killers for hire. At the time of this writing, little is known of the group. It’s speculated they have a base of operations somewhere in or near the Pirate Islands. They are credited, though unverified, with the assassinations of Queen Dugone, King Ronhuenthak, and the mage Rinadzu.

  • Tinkers
    Technically not an organization. Tinker Gnomes do have a large influence on what happens in Xenkur. Tinkers, as they are called, are master craftspeople that supply many towns and cities in the land with everything from clothing to weapons to musical instruments. They also run and live in Tinker Town, the largest swapmeet in Xenkur.  In Tinker Town, you can find almost anything, even black market items.

  • Gold Elves
    ​The Gold Elves also called the “People of Hope.”  They received this moniker because it is believed that the Gold Elves will be the one race to reunite all the people of Xenkur to the glory they once were. The most common Elven race in Xenkur and the only one that freely mixes with the other races. If you encounter a mixed-blood elf, the derogatory term is “Half-breed” or “Bark-eater”, it is most likely a person of Human and Gold Elf parents. Gold Elves can be found in every section and trade of society. Most Gold Elves are upper-level business owners. A large population of Gold Elves can be found in Tinker Town and Fallfell.

  • Ruby Dwarves  (No known influence at this time)
    In 2 B.C. (Before the Cataclysm) the Dwarves of the Red Mountain closed their gates to the outside world. Because of the proximity to the Devastation event, many believe the Ruby Dwarves had prior knowledge of the catastrophe or may have, in some way, caused it. The gates have now been closed for almost 1100 years. Many speculate the Ruby Dwarves no longer exist though, on occasion, there is trade liquor coming from somewhere inside the mountain. There have been numerous attempts to enter the Red Mountain. As of the date of this writing, no one has succeeded. Or if they have succeeded no one has ever returned to tell their tale.

  • Emerald Knights
    As far as I can research the Emerald Knights, also called Wood-Warriors in some locations is a loose collection of rangers and druids who fight to keep the wildlands of Xenkur free. How many exist and whether they have a centralized organization is unknown. Though from my findings I can say that every woodland or wild area I researched contained multiple stories of “wild men” who fought evil in the forest, or mountains or swamp.

  • Barbarian Tribes (No known influence at this time)
    ​The Wolf, Bear, Horse and Dragon Clans. Each with their own territories and customs are groups of people that for one reason or another have shed off the modernization of the world and chosen to live as their ancestors did. Since they shun outsiders and rarely enter towns of any size little is known other than a generalized territory. The Horse Clan, the most reclusive of any of the clans, roams the extreme western edge of the Great Waste.  The Bear Clan runs through the wilds of the northern portion of the Violet Mountains. The Wolf Clan, the most “civilized” of the clans has a large territory that includes the eastern portion of the Firestorm Mountains. The Dragon Clan is a mystery, and some say the people no longer exist. If they are still around they would inhabit the swamplands of southeastern Xenkur. 

  • The Hand
    In 8 A.D. the Hand of Enlightenment was formed. The circumstances that created “The Hand” are known only to the monks who practice the mystic art. As of this writing, there appear to be two main sects of The Hand. The Children of Peace, their monastery is in the far Northeast corner of Xenkur, near the Blue Sea. The Children of Pain, a darker version of its predecessor came along later. It has splintered away and is believed to have a monastery somewhere in the Firestorm Mountains. 

  • Silver Elves
    The land of Seinaenyth has been closed to the outside world since 601 A.D. The Silver Elves, also called the “People of the Light” have made no attempts to communicate with those outside its gated forest.  The land is completely covered in forest and lies in between the Violet Mountain Range and the Mineral Mountain Range. This essentially cuts the entire region off to other parts of Xenkur.

  • Sapphire Dwarves (No known influence at this time)
    The Dwarf clan known as the Sapphires or Blue Dwarves is a mystery still unsolved. There are three main theories as to the existence of these people. The most widely held belief is that the clan of Sapphire Dwarves became extinct around the same time as the Jade Dwarves which was during the time of the Devastation.  Another theory is that these Dwarves are the predecessor of the Dewar or Dark Dwarves. The final theory and the one I believe to be accurate is the Sapphire Dwarves are holed up in their mountain fortress known as Vomdorhaul in the extreme north of Xenkur.

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