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Xenkur has many great cities that are "famous." Cities that are well known to the people of Xenkur no matter where they live.

Originally penned by the famous Elven Sage Wra'Ynae'dae in his original language. Translated into the common tongue by Conanus in the City of Shadestar.

Authors Note: I have not included Shadestar in the list of the "great cities' simply because Wra'Ynea'dea did not in his original text. He did not include it because at the time of his writing Shadestar was only a small fishing village, not the immense learning capital it is today. Personally I believe the city is the greatest in which to live. - Conanus.

·   Ibrenavell 
    Located somewhere in what is now called the Wastelands, Ibrenavell is the original settlement of humans known as the Wolf Clan. It is the birthplace of humankind. Humans, Dwarves, and Elves all lived in peace. This capital city was where man rubbed elbows with the gods themselves. 
    Both man and god worked side by side creating some of the most elaborate architecture. The written word was created in Ibrenavell as well as every other major accomplishment. Soon after the city was built, the gods gave nine gifts to the tribes of man. The king of each clan received one of these gifts so that everyone could rule equally.
​    During the time of the Broken Throne, prophets foretold of a great Devastation that would wipe out all that man and god had created. At first, the prophets were charged with heresy until that one day when fire rained from the sky. The devastation was so complete it turned a once lush land into what is now the Wasteland and buried Ibrenavell for all eternity. Now known as the Lost City, Ibrenavell is home to nothing more than sand and dust. Numerous attempts have been made to find the city. To date, every known expedition has failed.    

·  Tinker Town
   The town that never sleeps. Or at least that is the saying. Tinker Town is one of the largest- small towns in Xenkur. The layout of the town had a very large footprint but the whole vibe of the area is that of a small community where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Tinker Town lies along the North Road in the Great Forest. And when I say lies along that is precisely what I mean. The town is built on both sides of the road one building deep. The stores and inns line the road like a riverbank line a waterway. So, the town itself is only a couple of hundred paces wide but ten leagues long.
   Tinker Town is home to the largest collection of Tinker Gnomes. That’s how the community got its name. In fact, the entire population of the town is all small folk, as they are called. Gnomes, Dwarves, Halflings, and Elves. There is a rumor that one human lives in the community. An adopted child but I have no confirmation of such. The Tinker Gnomes build, grow and make anything your heart could desire. If you have enough crowns and know where to look you could even find magical artifacts.
​   If you go to visit, make sure to find the Dwarves in the red vests. You’ll find them wandering the edges of the road. They are like a living road map and can direct you to anything you wish.

·  Tradehaven
   A huge metropolis in the south-east portion of Xenkur. The city is without a doubt the largest trade center in all the land. Situated on the southern coast of the Green Sea and at the mouth of the Ninil River the urban sprawl the starting point for nearly every caravan in the southern half of the continent.
   If you want it, you can buy it in Tradehaven someone will be selling it. Everything is available from religious artifacts to illegal drugs. Even slaves are for sale. The town is full to overflowing with the dregs of humanity. The only population with a higher crime rate would be the isolated community of Hollowrock to the far west.
​   Tradehaven was once believed to be the center of activity for the Black Legion thou that was never proven. It is home to the Gray Veil, the largest merchant’s guild in Xenkur.


  • ​​Hollowrock

A miserable town on the outskirts of the western plains, at the base of the Firestorm Mountains. Hollowrock is the kind of town where you go to disappear either by choice or happenstance. Filled with the dregs of society the town is little more than a boil on the backside of society. The saying goes “Hollowrock, nothing good ever comes from Hollowrock. ”It is on the far edge of a trade route though caravan drivers would literally run their mules to death rather than stop in the town. Extortion, rape, and murder or normal fair.  To live in Hollowrock is to live in Hell.

  • Fallfell

    The “Jewel of the South.” Fallfell lies at the southern end of the North Road. At the junction where it meets the Ninil River. This makes Fallfell one of the important trade routes to the northern and western regions of Xenkur. Fallfell is the town that everyone loves. People are drawn to it from across the continent. Despite having a limited garrison, crime is almost non-existent, though no one can figure out exactly why that is.
    Fallfell is also regarded as one of the great learning centers of the continent. It houses one of the few libraries. This one has an extensive collection run by a woman named Cratha Nalinskat.  There is also the Gray Star tavern. Unlike other taverns this beautiful building has some of the finest wines and entertainment in the land.

  • Winterrock

Founded by the Knights of the Rose, this city lies in the north-east of Xenkur. North of the Blackwater River. The great battle of the Orcan Nations was fought just south of the city in the years 4-7 A.D. A second uprising lead by King Dregu of the Orcan Blood Clan fought in almost the same location only a few years past. 

  • Beormaen - the Sky City

The city has many different names, The Pillar, Sky City, City of the Clouds and more. Whatever it is called, everyone agrees it is the most magnificent city in the Eastern Realms. Originally the metropolis was built on a high peak that stood alone on the shores of the Green Sea. Over time the sea intruded into the underlying ground on which the city sat. Eroding away the very foundation on which it was built. The city’s priests and wizards used magic to help hold the city together and to keep it from sinking into the ocean. Now only a small spire rests under the city. An earthen pole no more in diameter than a fat Dwarf. The remainder of the city is held aloft with spells. Picture it this way. If you balanced a dinner plate on the top of a sewing needle. That is how the city looks today. 

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