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Three Separate calendars exist in Xenkur, the Common, Dwarven, and Elven.

In the Common language, the original names for the months are unknown. It's believed they are from the original language of Amnaric. The Dwarven months are named after great Kings that died in battle. The Elvish months relate to the environment of the Elves and how it changes.  

Halflings follow the Common calendar and most Gnomes follow the Dwarven calendar. The exceptions are Tinker Gnomes which also follow the Common calendar.  

Common                  Dwarven                       Elven  

Uary                           Rockery                       Moonstar
Eb                              Renstes                        Seachange
Marc                          Margon                       Fairtrade
Apr'l                           Moril                           Windless  
Miy                            Ma                             Rainfall
Une                            Tunik                           Wheatgrass
Uly                             Tuni                             Sunvale 
Gustu                         Amos                            Harvest
Sept'm                        Amok                           Goldleaf
Tober                         Sent                              Windfull
Venber                       Setc                              Snowfall
Decen                        Das                               Silverleaf

Common                          Dwarven                    Elven  

1079 - Previous Year          Year of Obsidian          Year of the Otter
1080 - Current Year           Year of Diamond          Year of the Squirrel
1081 - Next Year              Year of Quartz             Year of the Stag

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