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Iron League Book 2


Arastor Frostriver, Warden of the Spotted Woodlands. The ranger loved everything about his forest home. He kept the woods safe from any and all who wished the natural

world harm. Arastor had no idea a stranger at his door would thrust him back into a place he swore he would never return.


“The King has summoned you. You must go. The

Ruby Mountain needs you.”


Arastor has other plans. None of them include traveling back to his homeland. That is until the Iron League sets its sights on the ranger.


Now Arastor must unravel the mystery of the

sickness stones and rescue the kingdom he left behind.

warden 375-600.jpg

       "I found that I couldn't put this story down! All of us look for that story that captures our attention to the point where we can't stop reading - this is that story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of fantasy novels."  - John Fiig

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