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Chapter 1 (Sample)




   “Honestly, methinks, if not killing her, at the least it caused her moral compass ta shift.”

   “It’s not just a moral shift; the evil is corrupting her heart. Her soul.” Willow was in tears.

   “Speak of the devil herself,” Penn said, “Here she comes.”

   “I require some iron castoffs.”

   “Over there, Lady M,” Penn pointed to a large pile of scrap.

   Mithavan’ara-Khan rummaged briefly through the pile, then walked away without another word.

   “Be a good day to ya as well, young mage, bah!” Penn thumbed his nose.

   “You see it’s worse.” Through the tears, Willow said, “She doesn’t spend any time with anyone except Aurora.”

   Rollin said, “I fear our young mage’s path no longer has room for a family.”

   “Me be thinkn it might be time for everyone to go their separate ways. I fear our little band is no more.” Penn lifted himself off the stool and walked into his shop, leaving Rollin and Willow together to ponder the future.

If you liked the first book, then the second won't disappoint.
“...a great read and I enjoyed the multitude of emotions the characters presented. It brings a more dark and sinister side to the characters you love...”

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