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Iron League Book 3


Amborlaine Greentinker’s reality turns upside down, as the outside world forces itself into her life. She is unwittingly launched on a quest for the legendary dragon orbs. Laine must face decisions that will alter her destiny and the fate of the Realms of Xenkur.

D. W. Johnson’s epic novel of sword and sorcery is jam packed with excitement and surprises. It is a non-stop ride, filled with monsters and magic.

       "Amborliane drew me into its world from the first sentence! With superb world-building and strong believable characters there is nothing negative on any of its pages. The action and fight scenes will keep you breathless. With half-orcs, dark elves, halflings, dwarves, dragons, humans and more, it’s a melting pot that fires the imagination and leaves you wanting more. What a glorious story told!!! - Kay Mack

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