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What's Up With the Graphic?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

“Immersion” is what's up, with an attempt at humor.

Originally I created a newsletter similar to millions of others. Then inspiration slapped me in the face. I thought it would be fun to produce a newsletter different from the others--something entertaining and not a chore to read. So, I created the Tinker Town Herald.

What in the Nine Hells is Tinker Town?

Great question! And before I answer, let me pose a riddle.  What is one thing children possess that adults lose?

Youth? Innocence? No. Imagination. A gift given to every child that disappears as we grow into adulthood. Honestly ask yourself when was the last time you used your imagination?

Now it's true some adults, myself included, have jobs where imagination is key to their success. But that is a rare person. There aren’t many adults using the God given gift.

That is the answer to WHY I created the newsletter. I wanted the reader to infuse themselves (and their imaginations) into the worlds I have created.

So, the Tinker Town Herald was born. It will be a “newspaper” combining both real world and fantasy into one. Regular “real” articles will lead you to my blog. Topics about writing, art, my life and such. And there will be clever and funny (I hope) news items about the world of Xenkur.

Xenkur? Yes, Xenkur, that’s where Tinker Town thrives. It lies on the North Road inside the Great Forest. You have never been to Tinker Town? Oh, it’s a wonderful place. You must go. You won’t regret the non-stop party in the town proper. And if you need anything, you’ll find it there. 

You can check out two excellent books about Tinker Town to plan your trip. There is Songweaver, the Iron League Book 1 and Amborlaine. Both will steep you in the waters of the Tinker Gnomes.

The Tinker Town Herald is published the 5th of every month. You can sign up here to get your free copy. And don’t forget to tip the red vests. They work hard to get you where you’re going.

Block, Procrastination or Depression? A mind that goes with cloudy skies. The vulnerable side. Not something you see often in our world. Why? Fear is why. If you make yourself vulnerable, show your weaker (read stronger) side by opening up to someone, or in this case, the world you risk being attacked and/or ridiculed. Well I’m not afraid of that. Sorry, I should say I’m no longer afraid of that. If your interested to find out why people do what they do (specifically me) then read on. If not that’s ok too. My faith will not waiver if you do not care. Now why is Rebel, book three of the Iron League saga is lagging behind? It’s a complicated answer. Maybe not that complicated but it is a long answer so Ill skip some of the more mundane parts. The book is lagging because of depression. I call it the “Hidden Disease.” And yes it is a disease. A mental disorder if you will. It is not something to be ashamed of. Not something to hide in the closet. It is, in my view along with many doctors an illness no different than kidney disease of hypertension. And it IS a killer. Left untreated it can kill like any other disease. And it would appear the death toll from it is on the rise.

That will not happen to me because I understand the infection. I understand how to cope. I understand my medication and how it affects my brain. But… (oh yeah there is always a but) that doesn’t mean I’m happy go lucky, skipping through fields of flowers chasing butterflies. There are times, days, weeks, even months that I struggle every day to get something done. Times where my brain is screaming “go to bed! Life sucks!” That’s when I have to use the skills I’ve learned over decades of therapy to use my brain to say. “I love life!” My favorite “mantra”, if you will, comes from a beautiful man who is full of spirit. And he says, “God loves me, God likes me, God is in a good mood to me.” I just love that. It always makes me smile.

​So back to the book. Rebel is creeping into publication because my depression is fighting to the forefront of my mind and has been for several months. Oh, don’t worry the book will be finished. And I have another 144 book outlines behind it. So ill be writing the rest of my days. Last note. For those of you that read this, thank you. And for my fellow “depressionists” (just made that word up) Hand in there. Talk to a friend and spend time praying. HE is listening.

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