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Prowritingaid vs. Autocrit

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

As a writer, and someone who did a miserable job at passing English in school, I often (read always) rely on software editors to help with “fixing” my writing.  If I didn’t here is an honest example of what you would read. My father was not one to be praised or ever praise worthy. He was a gentle man possesed with a fire rtempre that woul igniote itself at the slights confrotntaion. I must be the undisputed king of comma splices and run on sentences. Not to mention my brain thinks faster than my fingers can type.

I currently use two editors in addition to Microsoft Word spell and grammar check. Word has come a long way with the feature and will catch most of your errors. But if you want your writing to rise above the masses you need something more.

I’ve been using since my third novel and I have to say it has elevate my writing exponentially. It’s a solid program with an easy to use interface. There is one BIG drawback that I’m hoping the autocrat people will address, this software costs A LOT of money. Its almost $30 per month. If you don’t write often (daily) It’s not worth the expense). I’m not sure if the makers of Autocrit think they are Adobe (a company famous for charging hefty sums for its software) or what but the fee for the software does not need to come anywhere near that. Even Adobe got the message and now only charges $11 per month.

Prowritingaid is a new software I recently learned about. I’m currently using the trial version to check its capabilities. It’s an add-in for Microsoft Word. Compared to Autocrit it’s a steal at just $50 per year (under $5 a month). The software has some nice features to it and would be an inexpensive and solid help to a writer. I find the interface to be clunky and difficult to maneuver. I would add that some of the checks of the software are completely unnecessary and seem to have been added just to bulk up the look. For example, how many of us need an NLP Predicates Check? How many of us even know what the frak that is? Since I’m discussing this software I just ran a check using it and it gave me 23 reports with 62 issues. Just for this small blog post! 23 reports really. That is excessive.

For my money (and I grant you it’s a lot of my money) I go with Autocrit. I like the layout. The interface is easy to use, and I understand the reports and what they are saying. I’m praying heavily they bring the price waaaaaaay down.

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