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It’s all about Brainality

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Brainality, ok, I made that word up. But here is what I mean.

​Right, this minute try NOT to think about a pink elephant in a tutu.

You just pictured it didn’t you?

And that’s the crux of the problem. It’s why people get married ten times. Why people repeat negative (and less often positive) behaviors. Even if those behaviors are killing them (i.e. smoking). It’s why we crave things we should not have. Its mental addiction and it has each one of us trapped in a vise.

Face facts without mental addiction there wouldn’t be pornography, drugs, even alcoholism. The brain has to be addicted first. The addiction of the body comes second. If the brain didn’t start the addiction then everyone who is “hooked” on drugs would have said to themselves, “Being a junkie is stupid. I’m not shooting that in my veins.” But they took the drugs. And did it a second time, a third until the body could no longer function without them.

But that doesn’t explain why they take the first cigarette. Why they sniff spray paint. Why they surf the net for porn. That’s just as easy a question to answer. The reason people turn to smoking or porn or junk food or any of the other things is one simple word. Escape. We turn to these things to escape something. Escape guilt, shame, pain (physical, mental or emotional), fear and a host of other negative “feelings.”

Now here is the hard question and one I have yet to find an answer. When we are escaping, “why do humans turn to negative solutions. Why drugs, junk food, porn, cigarettes, alcohol? Why do we not turn to positive things like nature, reading, religion, meditation, praying, social interaction, fruit or veggies? Is it society that turns us to the negative? Is it “Big Brother”? Or is it something inherent in our mental makeup?

I don’t have the mental skills or training to answer those questions. I wish with all my heart I did. I wish I could solve the unsolvable problem that plagues us today. But I cannot.

I can do one thing. I can tell you to lay down your negative addictions. Stop and think about what you are doing. Ask for help. Surround yourself with people that love you. Stop trying to control everything. Let those around you take the wheel for now. Everyone needs help now and then. ​ Take time to heal. Your friends and family will thank you. The world will thank you. I thank you. I may not know you but you are important to me. Get healthy, I may need your help someday.

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