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I Sprinted a Marathon

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Writing, like most things in life, is a marathon, not a sprint.

I knew that, buried somewhere deep in my mind. But it didn’t occur to me until I was (am) writing my sixth novel. Would it have made a difference? 

Oh, I think it would have. But I was so excited to write all the stories that had been rattling around in my head for decades I paid no attention to a steady pace. Instead, I blasted through five novels in two years. 

And that has left me here. Exhausted. Not exhausted of ideas. I have 143 book outlines left to write. Enough writing to get me to the ripe old age of 93. I’m not even tired of writing (as this blog shows) I am simply tired.

Do you get that way? Tired I mean. If you said no, then you are truly blessed. Or your kidding yourself. But if your one of the 99% who said yes then what you need is rejuvenation.

What is it that lifts your spirit? What recharges your batteries? Is it playing golf? (ich) Taking a walk-through nature. Fishing, crafts, art, the zoo. There must be something that soothes your soul. That helps you energize (no not a sports drink).

Not coming up with anything. I have a few ideas for you.

Go to church. Serve somebody.Lose yourself by reading. (I think as a writer I’m required to list this)Forgive someone.Play with a pooch or cuddle a kitten. (Studies have shown it lowers your blood pressure)Breathe the clean air of nature. (British study says five minutes in nature can help) Scope out new scenery. (A new retail shop, a park, maybe a new city) Immerse yourself in music you love. Regularly do good deeds while expecting nothing in return. Indulge in artwork. (again, had to list it) Clean/de-clutter. Feel the spray of a waterfall or crashing surf. (Negative air ions boost mood) Inhale an aroma you love for 30 seconds.Go fishing. (My favorite) ​I’m sure you can think of many more. So, when life has you “sprinting” remember it’s a marathon and take time to slow down to the things around you.

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