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Hang'em High

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Hang’em High

There are millions of artworks around the word. Everything from traditional paintings to installation art. And there are millions of people spending billions of dollars (or whatever currency your country uses) buying and collecting art.

Two-dimensional art people purchase, that’s paintings, drawings and such for those dimensionally challenged, typically needs to be hung. I.e., placed on a wall in a pleasing and attractive way so all who see it can enjoy the piece. Three-dimensional art needs to displayed as well, but this time we're talking about hanging so I’ll stick with two-dimensional art. I mean have you ever tried to hang a six-hundred-pound marble sculpture? Please don’t. That would be stupid and risky.

All joking aside many people struggle with how and where to place their art pieces. Do I hang each piece alone? Do I put them in a group?

Like all of the art "process" there are not any hard and fast rules for hanging art. If someone tells you a piece “must be” hung a certain way, say thank you and move on with your day. There are, however, some guidelines based on what works for viewing and what doesn’t.

1) Art works best if hung at eye level. Great! Except I’m 5’ tall and my husband is 6’ 8”. So, who’s eye level? Here its best to go with an average. And that has been determined as 60 inches. Meaning the center of the piece should be 60 inches off the floor. Don’t get hung up on this. If your art hangs at 62 or 57, that’s close enough. Let museums worry about the magical “60”.

2) What if I want to hang it over the couch? The guideline here is to place the bottom of the piece 6-8 inches above the furniture. Again, don’t get all anal about it. Get close and move on to the next task.

3) What about two pieces hanging together? If your hanging multiple pieces in a group, for example, one above the other, treat the pieces as one object. So, if you have one above the other than the middle of both pieces combined would be around 60 inches.

4) If you hang multiple pieces next to each other, they should be 2-3 inches apart. UNLESS the artist has instructed otherwise. Some art created in multiple panels is made to be almost touching when hung.

Last, there is always the “No hang” hanging. That is when you place art on tables, shelves, or even the floor. If you're using this technique, then all the above guidelines are out the window. See, I told you there are no rules.

I hope this helps and blessings on your next hanging.

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