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Fallen Child



Chapter 1 (Sample)

The Temple



   Navia cinched the tattered rope around her waist, lowered her goggles, and cast a firm grip on the shovel. She stood well back from the small window. Its doors bolted shut to keep the wind out.

   Her father slid the bolt back; the window slammed open, missing his face by an inch. The heavy metal window crashed into the wall cracking one of its iron hinges.

   Navia made a running dive out the window and into the vortex. The wind was so strong it pushed her back. Only the top half of her went through the window. She tottered, helpless until her father grabbed her ankles and thrust her the rest of the way outside.

   And so, it was this morning, and every morning she could remember. Since she was old enough to hold the shovel, Navia had been diving through that window.

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